Possible Finishings

Light Emperador Polished


This is the type of finishing that most enhances the beautiful brown colour and vein of the Light Emperador marble. The surface is very shiny and smooth, highlighting the best of this stone.

Light Emperador Honed


This type of finishing is plain and does not show any shine, in contrast with the polished one. The surface of the stone is velvety, revealing a lighter type of brown colour and less contrast.

Light Emperador Bush-Hammered


This light bush-hammered finishing has a fairly strong corrugated surface, making the colour of the Light Emperador a bit lighter and very uniform. It is used on exterior flooring and some decoration.

Light Emperador Tumbled


This type of finishing has an old and corrugated appearance, but it maintains the original beige colour of the Light Emperador marble. Its surface is characterized by its salience and rough look.